Founding and Mission

The Association of TokyoTech Alumni and Research Scholars was founded in year 2006 with the spirit to promote closer camaraderie and cooperation among members and fellow TokyoTech Alumni; to strengthen research cooperation with the academe, industry, and government so as to stimulate scientific and technological consciousness.

Download our Constitution: ATTARS Constitution


Our activities aim to promote scientific and technological consciousness. We regularly organize Membership Meetings, Seminars and Workshops, and Community Outreach Projects.

ATTARS has been co-organizing the Seminar/Workshop on the Utilization of Waste Materials (WOW) together with Tokyo Institute of Technology – International Development Engineering (IDE), De La Salle University – Manila, University of the Philippines – Diliman, and other key organizations.

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ATTARS exists through partnerships with key organisations. The following are our closest partners and supporting organizations.

Officers and Directors

The Officers and Directors for Year 2018:

  • President

    • Jason Ongpeng

  • Executive Board Members:

    • Eden Mariquit
    • Marish Madlangbayan
    • Melito Baccay
    • Oscar Antonio
    • Rajiv Abdullah
    • Carl Estrellan (Treasurer)
  • Directors:

    • Marita Dimaano
    • Michael Promentilla
    • Ariel Blanco
    • Alvin Varquez

Get to know the past officers and directors of ATTARS.


Members of ATTARS are those that have graduated and/or visited Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan through officially approved and recognized academic and research programs. These programs include Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate degree and programs such as the JSPS, UNESCO, JICA, AUNSEEDNet, RONPAKU, MOMBUSHO, DOST-ESEP, etc.

Download our latest list of members: ATTARS Membership List (May2016)

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Since its founding year (2006), ATTARS has been creating worhtwhile memories for its members and partners. Revisit the history of the organization through our previous websites, news, activities, and events.