TokyoTech-Philippines @ 10 Years!

The TokyoTech Philippines Office celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary.

It is a significant milestone for the deep and longstanding partnership between Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Philippines` partner universities. For more than a decade now, the partnership has been central to bringing significant research collaborations, student exchange programs, and scholarships for Japan and the Philippines.

Download the 10th Year Anniversary Pamphlet here. 

TokyoTech Philippines Office was established in September, 2005 in the campus of De La Salle University, Manila. TokyoTech has a long history of academic exchanges with a number of Philippine universities and many joint projects have been carried out during this time. Activities of the Office include organizing student exchange opportunities that combine a crafting experience with local company visits and language seminars; arranging educational/research exchange activities such as holding workshops and interactive lectures using internet communication applications; cultivating academic networks including former exchange students; and organizing PR activities for TokyoTech.


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